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Saxophones Lupifaro


The result of years of experience and passion, where technical features and customization options offer the possibility of owning a truly unique instrument. The Platinum series can be customized on request in every aspect and the set-up is always carefully designed according to the specific preferences of each musician. These instruments enjoy perfect pitch while evoking a vintage sound.


Lupifaro is a mythological figure linked to strength and movement, like the story of those who for thirty years worked in the world of sax with determination and curiosity: Luca Cardinali. After working for various manufacturers as a technician and as a consultant, and having undertaken a small artisan production in his own name, Luca meets Phaselus SA, who believes in him, and together they decide to give life to a new reality. From this union begins a more important production made, of larger numbers, but always linked to the craftsmanship of the work, where the slab and the annealing remain the phases in which life and sound soul to the instrument.

Carefully crafted with care and carefully executed by hand, one sax after another. The new Lupifaro saxes are therefore the result of years of research and study combined with craftsmanship. They are divided into three series: Silver, Gold and the top of the range, Platinum by Cardinali, where the combination of sound and vintage "image" is combined with precise and solid intonation and mechanics.

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