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Lupifaro Reeds Old Collection Box 10

The Lupifaro reeds are produced by the Rigotti factory. Made for both musicians who prefer modern sounds and jazz, both for classical musicians.

Luca Cardinali has tried to interpret the needs of many musicians encountered over the years by designing reeds that can satisfy the most diverse requests.
The Classic Line was born, in the white box, and Jazz, in the black one, different in structure and form so as to give different timbric responses suitable for performers who try their hand in different musical genres.


The Var region, in the south of France, is the place where the cane plants that are at the base of each Lupifaro reed are grown. The microclimate of this region acts on the growing plant, giving the rod some characteristics that will then be fundamental to define its tonal properties, as well as resistance.
The reeds are cultivated in rows to allow a free movement of the plants beaten by the wind and thus give the barrel the right flexibility.
Once collected, the barrels are left to age, first in the open air and then in the dark and then selected one by one and processed until the finished product is obtained.
The pipes are cut between one node and the other, obtaining perfectly smooth pipes, a special machine, dividing the pipes according to their diameter and then destined for the production of the different reeds. The tubes are cut into four equal parts. Depending on the size of the radius and the width, they are selected for the production of reeds for different instruments.



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