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Conditions of Use

General Conditions of Sale


PHASELUS S.A.: Supplier with registered office in v. Ginevra 5 -6900 Lugano, head office Via Carvina 4 -6807 Taverne, registered in the Trade register and Company of Lugano with the N. CH-514.3.027.458-1.

Customer: A natural or legal person who is in possession of the tax requirements (Partita. I.V.A.-Chamber of Commerce registration) necessary for the purchase of goods for its own professional activity or for private use.

General Conditions of Sale:

The following general conditions of sale are considered accepted by the customer within the time of the order. The customer agrees that Phaselus S.A. may modify, at a later date, the general conditions and that the reference conditions are always the latest in force.

Article 1-Order

The Order of the customer is a contractual commitment, must accurately indicate the ordered products and its code, the modality and the place of dispatch. Incomplete or incorrect information would lead to supply errors not attributable to Phaselus S.A.

The customer must report in writing in a legally recognized form any errors on the supply within 48 hours from receipt of the same. We do not accept disputes at times other than those established.

In the event of an error on the order not attributable to Phaselus and communicated in the terms and in the manner specified above, the company may, at its discretion, accept the return of the goods. This refund does not, however, give rise to a reimbursement of the price, but only to a credit memo that can be used for further purchases of value corresponding to the price actually paid by the customer.

For hygienic reasons it is not accepted the return of reeds that are not in sealed packaging, except in case of defect of the same (mildew, transport damage, etc.).

Article 2 Prices

Orders are valued according to the price list in force at the time of ordering. Phaselus S.A. undertakes to inform the customer immediately of any changes or modifications made to the current price list.

Prices are net of taxes and expenses. That is to say transport costs and customs duties excluded.

Article 3 Promotions

Phaselus S.A. may decide to apply additional discounts on certain products, product packages, product targets, etc. Information on these promotions will be disclosed from time to time to customers. Customers who benefit from these promotions will have their discount shown in the invoice.

Article 4 Payments – Invoice

Invoices are issued by Phaselus S.A. by the day of shipment of the goods. Phaselus S.A. Grants three payment methods:

Advance payments (compulsory for the first order):

1) Advance payment to invoice submission, goods ready to send.

2) Payment by Paypal system to invoice submission, goods ready to send.

Deferred payment:

3) Payment 30 days Invoice date.

In exceptional cases and in relation to the entity of the order Phaselus can accept different payment methods. These modalities will be agreed in writing and shall be binding on the company only for the single order and only if expressly approved by the sole administrator.

In the event of failure to comply with the terms of payment by the customer, a surcharge of 4 times the legal interest on the sums due as a BlackBerry may be invoiced.

In the case of non-payment of a single invoice, Phaselus S.A. may require the return of the products to be paid by the customer, cancel the current orders and claim the interest of arrears indicated above for the unpaid invoice.

In Case of insolvency of the debtor Phaselus also reserves, after thirty days of a first call, to bring the legal proceedings and to use all the instruments offered by the legal order to protect the emerging damage and any loss of profit.

Place of payment:

State Bank Canton Ticino

Account CHF

IBAN CH42 0076 4449 2291 C001 C


Clearing 00764

EUR Account

CH85 0076 4449 2291 C001E


Clearing 00764

Article 5 Deliveries

Phaselus S.A. organizes the delivery operations, making the customer reimburse the shipping costs them in the invoice.

Delivery times are subject to change in material supply.

In the event of unforeseen situations such as to draw the waiting time beyond 2 months, the customer has the right to renegotiate or cancel the order. In case of no communication on the part of the customer, we consider the order in progress confirmed.

The goods must be checked by the customer on the day of the receipt to ascertain that it has not suffered damage with the transport.

In case of problems the customer must immediately notify Phaselus S.A. by fax or e-mail the description of the damage. If this is not complied with, the customer will not be entitled to replace the damaged goods.

Article 6 Protection of personal data

Customer agrees that the mandatory information about your company is transferred to files. This information is only available to personnel of Phaselus S.A.

Art. 7 Liability

Phaselus S.A. It does not respond in any way of damage to persons or property from the goods it sells or from the improper use of the products.

Even in the case of defective products, the liability of Phaselus is limited to the replacement of the contested product.

Article 8 jurisdiction

Contracts concluded with Phaselus S.A., as well as any other legal relationship with the same will be settled, save different written agreement, by Swiss law. The competent court is that of Lugano.