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About us

Phaselus S.A. is active in the distribution of parts and accessories for musical instruments, we select and distribute only the best products for a variety of applications. From guitar and bass strings uo tp replacement parts, including a special selection of tonewoods for luthiers and instrument builders, we are able to act as a central point for all the needs of a broad section of the musical instruments market. We also distribute a few, very select, brands of instruments whose qualities position them in the professional segment.

Our business model and extensive sales networks in different countries mean that some of the products we distribute are only available in certain territories, this is because, while we understand that our customers would prefer to reduce operating costs and deal with us for all their needs – especially in the parts and accessories department, we honor our agreements with the manufacturers that put their confidence in our business.

Our customers have already started to experience the quality of our pre and post-sale support, and since we at Phaselus S.A. are all musicians and select the products we distribute only after careful evaluation, retailers and end users know that they can contact us at all times in case they need any assistance or are unsure about which of our products would better suit their purpose. We firmly believe that service and support are the most important part of what we do and we are ready to prove it.

If you are a retailer, an instrument builder/repairman or a luthier, we will be happy to grant you access to the products we distribute in your country – please use the contact information found on this website to get in touch with us and we will quickly set-up your account.